How To Save Money Without Having To Give Up On Things You Love?

We all have certain guilty pleasures like buying a hardcopy of a book, buying a really pricey coffee or tea, indulging in a binge and the list goes on. These little things despite being once in a blue moon kind of habit, they can leave a dent in your savings. However, as long as it is not too expensive, you can recover your expenses by following these tricks.

Have a small kitchen garden or backyard garden

You can start a small kitchen garden or if you have a backyard, you can cultivate some easy to manage vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, potatoes, onions. If you are unable to do both, you can install an indoor herb garden kit in Australia which will serve as a place to rear fishes as well as certain variety of vegetables.If you are living in an apartment and if you are unable to maintain animals, you can try vertical farming where all you need is a balcony or just a wall. Here you can grow small herbs and leaves. This would help you to reduce the money you spend on groceries. It is also important to not waste food and store them appropriately and consume.

Conserve electricity and water and use them carefully

If you are living alone, make it a point to use the necessary electrical items in your room. If you share a living space make sure to stay in the same room. There are several ways to conserve water and electricity that can be used by people like do not let an electric appliance running after you have left the room or the use of appliance is over. You can also make more when you are baking or using the oven and save the rest for later.

Master the 30 days rule and make lists

When you are planning to go shopping, it is important to make a list at home prior to the shopping. When people tend to go without a list, they tend to look around and buy more than they intended. If the item you want is not a necessity, then apply the 30 days rule – don’t allow yourself to feel instant gratification and wait 30 days to decide if it is a necessary item.Apart from the above given tips, there are several other tricks you can use to save like repair or stitch the clothes that have torn, avoid eating outside mainly fast foods, keep yourself hydrated. It is integral to avoid habits that are destructive to your health and savings; alcohol, drugs, call girls are few examples of the habits. There are several books on personal finance and savings that can help you with your conquest to save more and live better.

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